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Senior Manager - Private Enterprise (KPE) Consulting Architect

Date: Jul 21, 2021

Location: London, United Kingdom

Company: KPMG UK

The KPE market is increasingly competitive, and KPMG is committed to enabling and empowering its people to win new business effectively and efficiently. KPE Consulting has targeted double digit growth in FY21 and beyond, as has the KPE coverage more widely.

To achieve double digit growth we must grow the volume and connectedness (i.e. multi-service line) of what we do and bring incremental business into KPE Consulting. This is in conjunction with wanting to bring a wider set of skills and experiences from our Consulting kitbag to help clients address their issues and their opportunities and build longer term stickier client relationships.

As a result, there is a need to have broader and more thematic discussions with internal and external stakeholders about what Consulting can offer which will be done via this Consulting Architect role. This Role is focused on bringing the best people, the best capabilities and best propositions to our clients.
Furthermore, there is a need for enhanced mechanisms to improve our understanding of the KPE market so that we can update our propositions accordingly.

Winning will require strong processes and controls to be established, as well as exceptional interpersonal relationship skills and sales techniques. We need to develop relationships, sales channels and products/propositions which meet the market need. As an Architect you will be expected to create the opportunities, help convert them, and sell in the right skills from across Consulting.

Role Summary

A Consulting Architect:
- Represents all of Consulting as a first responder to join, interpret and triage very early stage and thematic conversations about client issues.
- Efficiently translates client issues into multi service line Consulting opportunities that transform and create value for our clients.
- Will be dedicated to working closely alongside our Go To Market channels and will provide the skills and capacity needed to consistently focus, respond and successfully deliver on our Go To Market approach.
- Will be Consulting’s ‘eyes and ears’ for what is happening in the KPE marketplace including feedback on how our propositions are landing.
- This role will allow our people to grow and continue in these roles and add to their responsibilities as they become increasingly experienced.
- We will be considering the market focus for each Consulting Architect but expect they would be based on different Geographical regions (e.g. London, North, Midlands) and/or routes to market (e.g. Family Business, Top Track 100).
Role Detail

You will:
- Need to develop and maintain your core knowledge of Consulting products, their relevance and applicability to the KPE market, new product developments, and wider Consulting trends.
- Build effective sales networks and relationships internally and in turn these should lead to external introductions.
- Work effectively as part of a wider Architect team to collaborate and knowledge share in a consistent and focused manner.
- Work within your domain(s) (i.e. the GTM channels to which the role is assigned e.g. Sales Crews, Regional/OSP, Family Business, Tax Top 100, etc.) to ensure that relevant Consulting solutions and our messages ‘get across’ to our stakeholders and targets. This includes, for example, engagement with the following:- OSP Clients and Growth networks
- Local initiatives e.g. Leaders’ Circles
- Target lists and segmentation thereof, with particular emphasis on those accounts where Consulting opportunities should be present, and those where there is the greatest prospect for general Service Line Penetration increase
- Actions tracking and follow-up activity
- Monitoring supply and demand trends and performance
- A lead Consulting representative for scenarios where a client problem or solution is unknown (or both)
- Support the design and implementation of sales material and the design and delivery of successful Sales & Marketing deployment. As part of the sales process the Consulting Architect will also help develop compelling sales materials (point of views, demos, prototypes etc.) to support BD activity.
In client facing discussions:
- Engage in Identification (M1) “There is something we need to fix, accomplish or avoid” conversations. Note: this is to pre-empt and develop M2, an Architect is not meant to be a client relationship builder
- Engage in Exploration (M2) “How do we solve the problem” conversations.
- Assist in pre-integrating, and defining the overall design approach.
- Assist in shaping the delivery as required – for some client situations, where the answer is a point solution, the Consulting Architect may not be required beyond the initial sales. In other situations, where the solution is complex involving multiple service lines, the Consulting Architect will be required either fulltime or part-time to assist throughout delivery and potential sell-on. The role sits within a flexible framework to best suit the client situation and sales/delivery requirement.
- Hand-off to service lines where appropriate.
- Provide feedback to Connected Business leads on relevancy of propositions and gaps we might have. Note: our aim is to progressively standardise propositions, which should see the role of the Consulting Architect evolve in line with this aspiration where the Consulting Architect will play a key role in shaping these propositions.
- Escalate risks, issues and critical dependencies to the appropriate leaders as required to ensure the successful delivery of client projects.
Success will be measured via:

- Volume of client meetings held
- Volume of opportunities generated (target of £2m)
- Service line penetration of opportunities generated
- KPE Coverage Partner and Director feedback
- Consulting Partner and Director feedback
- Fully understanding our markets and identifying where to play
Indirect i.e. the Architect is not directly responsible for these; however, successful performance will improve these outcomes:
- Volume, size and complexity of work won
- Converted opportunities (target of £700k)
- Note: This role does not have a utilisation or delivery target.
The Person
Note: We are not necessarily looking for individuals who will be ready to be Architects from Day 1; we are keen to receive applications from people who have the foundations and core skills to grow into the Architect role.
Must demonstrate a ‘growth mindset’ e.g.:
- Situation awareness
- Take ownership
- Grow with people – eliminate hierarchy and foster greater intimacy through relationships they grow
- Seek to eliminate mediocrity and complacency
- Break down silos
- Have a strong presence
- Must demonstrate an ability to engage with a broad range of clients from PE Partners to founder-CEOs of KPE businesses, and have genuine, business-led conversations outside one’s area of expertise
- Must demonstrate a history of successful selling of a diverse array of products and services, being able to repeat sell, grow a client and be tenacious in chasing opportunities
- Should have a deep understanding of the end-to-end sales cycle
- Should have demonstrable success in building trusted advisor relationships
- Should have a deep understand of how to use varying consulting methods and approaches within different client environments

Job Segment: Consulting, Outside Sales, Management Consulting, Manager, Marketing Manager, Technology, Sales, Management, Marketing