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Senior Manager - DealConnect - Private Enterprise (KPE)

Date: Nov 14, 2021

Location: London, United Kingdom

Company: KPMG UK

The Role

The primary objective of the role is to make DealConnect a successful new business for KPMG and KPE Consulting in particular. Success will be in reaching sales and delivery targets, but will also be measured in less tangible ways such as trust in the team from the Deals and other communities, number of high-value client conversations, range of consulting service lines brought to clients and feedback from the hierarchy of the KPMG business.

The Senior Manager role is a blended role of delivery, operational organisation/coordination, and sales. From a standing start we have created a proposition and now need to scale it. Processes and structures need to be created and put in place that will allow for the successful logging, management and tracking of DealConnect opportunities, wins and delivery performance.

In addition, the Senior Manager will be expected to support the development of products and propositions for DealConnect and its clients. These often vary from standard products and as such will require redesigning, working with the specialists from within the wider KPMG (and the new Consulting Architects to create new ones).

The Senior Manager will also support the Partners and Directors in sales, as well as running independently their own sales opportunities. This will mean having a broad understanding of the market and the products KPMG has available. This will involve sales into both PE houses and more traditional businesses. Where the sale is in the individual’s area of specialism, we would expect the Senior Manager to run the delivery of the project as well.

Time would be expected to be split evenly across these areas.

Success in the Senior Manager role will require:

Supporting the DealConnect leadership in developing strong relationships to allow us access to opportunities with our internal Deals-related channels – Partners and Directors

Fully understanding our markets and identifying where to play, and identify the right products and propositions to take to market

Work with both Consulting Architects in KPE and with the service lines to make sure the right products are coming to the DealConnect clients

Overseeing delivery across all DealConnect projects (including outside your service line) with regards to seeking additional opportunities, linking with the PE Fund around success, ensuring the quality of the outcome.

Setting up and running all the processes and management structures that will support Go-To-Market activities

Running performance MI for the DealConnect team (leveraging part time additional resources where possible)

Leading on delivery for your service line when sold into a DealConnect client

Helping manage other team members, many of whom are available only on a part-timer basis (although we hope to expand in FY22)

Assisting with prioritisation around volunteer DealConnect resources

As we secure more work, we will expand the team. We would hope that the individual would be a keen advocate of DealConnect and would use their network to bring in additional full-time and part-time support to help us grow.

The Person Specification

DealConnect sits within KPE Consulting, and is looking for a broad-thinking, business-issue focused Senior Manager who is looking for a new kind of challenge. The candidate would be needed to fulfil all requirements of the role defined above. Key attributes of the role, beyond excellent delivery capabilities within the service line, are:

Authenticity and Authority
: The ability to engage with a broad range of clients from PE Partners to founder-CEOs of KPE businesses, and have genuine, business-led conversations outside area of expertise. All done within a Deals environment and at ‘Deal Speed’

General business acumen
. They need to be able to understand the business problems that person/business is having and be able to have broad ranging conversations about why, how, and what can be done to help them

Deals Exposure:
Understanding of how Deal Advisory works including what creates equity value in a KPE business

Sales experience and determination: Examples of successful individual sales. Ideas for how to open new opportunities.

Strong internal KPMG Network that can be used to help go to market, and be brought into client pitches, and links to relevant services. Ideally bridging both Risk Consulting and Management Consulting

Delivery expertise
: Experience in delivering your service line projects. Should be able to run a project on their own, independent of service line day-to-day oversight. Trusted by their ‘home’ team to be a safe pair of hands.

Additional skills that would be appreciated in a candidate include some/all the below:

Specific industry expertise in one or more industries that is relevant to Transformation (Risk or Management Consulting)

As a team we are close-knit. While small and newly formed, we have an informal and non-hierarchical manner and ways of working. We believe that we can all be successful, and we will develop and grow as a team. We are looking for a candidate who is happy to step away from some of the traditional strict structure of the business and look to invest in a different way of personal and career development in what has been described by the Head of KPE Consulting as a ‘Start Up within KPMG’.

We link in with the KPMG Boxwood team and have our own culture and a dedicated community and activities in support of it, with quarterly community sessions and monthly optional social events. Our culture is supportive, challenging, inclusive and fun.

We have our own values, in addition to those of the wider firm:

Everyone’s a Client – we will treat our stakeholders and colleagues in Deal Advisory like clients, so they see Consulting as highly credible, reliable and enjoyable to work with

The Team is greater than its individuals - We prioritise the offerings of KPMG’s overall consulting capability (not our own personal capabilities) and we are non-hierarchical in the value we bring to the team

In it for the Long term – we focus on building long term business value in DealConnect at the expense of chasing revenue which is one-off or outside of the two DealConnect objectives

Job Segment: Consulting, Outside Sales, Equity, Management Consulting, Manager, Technology, Sales, Finance, Management